WOMEN AND GIRLS: Why the Congo is the most dangerous place to be a woman!!

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Taken from EnoughProject.org:
Civilians in eastern Congo, particularly women and girls, are targets of conscience-shocking brutality and sexual violence. Every day, they face a harrowing array of threats from armed militias, the military, and even the police who are supposed to protect them. Understanding the reasons why life has become so dangerous for women in eastern Congo is an essential first step in helping to end the violence and create a more hopeful future.Top ten reasons


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THE LRA – Help the children

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For those unfamiliar with Joseph Kony and the LRA visit the link below for an over view:

He has been terrorizing Northern Uganda for 20 plus years, as well as other surrounding countries which are now the main target.
Kony kidnaps children they are given the choice to serve in his army or be killed, in a lot of cases the boys are forced to kill their parents when they are kidnapped. The girls are taken as sex rewards and slaves. They, the kids, are forced to commit murder, genocide,and other horrors. The fact that this man has time and again avoided peace talks tells us there are few options remaining in this matter. He must be stopped. He butchers people by cutting off their lips, noses limbs etc. Machetes and guns are used to kill the people who disagree or try to fight back.

ANY WOMAN WHOSE A MOTHER CANNOT IGNORE THIS!!! These children are prisoners to this evil man, they are forced into the evil acts because it means life or death for them if they don’t comply.

There is a film you can watch

Speak with your local officials and congressmen, tell them that you want to see change and that these children must be made a top priority
Write, call email tell them the children suffer, not just in Northern Uganda, but in
Darfur and S. Sudan,
It only takes a minute to sign a petition or send an email, call a friend or loved one and urge them to call their congressman… we can’t do it alone but if we all come together the impact can be amazing and life saving!!!!

see the effect of The LRA and Joseph Kony on innocent people! How can our governments allow such things!!!!!!!!!!

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Fast for Darfur! Show the world that you care about the innocent civilians in Darfur, and that this will not be tolerated!

If you believe in human rights, then please pass along this link, tell others to fast for Darfur. if you cant do it yourself at least go look at enoughproject.org and sign petitions, donate, whatever you can.

Read below for other actions you can take to make a difference in the world!

“The conflict in eastern Congo, the deadliest in the world since World War II, is being fueled by a multi-million dollar trade in minerals that go into our electronic products from cell phones to digital cameras. The Enough Project has launched a conflict minerals pledge that commits electronics companies to ensure their products are conflict-free. Please join me in letting the biggest companies know that it matters to us that our purchases don’t fuel this ongoing tragedy

Tell a friend to take action for the innocent people of eastern Congo

to learn more about the conflict please visit

Help to empower women!


Thank you for your help.

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